With the goal of maintaining balance, Saboaria Rondônia has developed handcrafted cosmetic products based on the principle of preservation. We are rural women who remove our raw material from nature as we work to preserve the Amazon Biome, where we are located, for future generations. We create irresistible aromas and the highest quality products by combining plant extraction with the recovery of previously degraded areas, generating income, development, empowerment, and a certainty that sustainability can be achieved.

The widely used term, sustainability, is defined "development that fulfills present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It is a way of ensuring the future of the human species, and everything we need to keep us alive

Sustainability asks us to look around and see beyond our immediate desires and greed; understanding the balance that must exist between developing our livelihoods and maintaining the source of all the raw materials we use to carry out this development.

To be sustainable, it is not enough just to know how to preserve a forest, but also to know how to use its resources for the benefit of those who consume those resources without causing ecological damage. Knowing how to be sustainable is to understand that a preservation area around a river will maintain the quality of the water, prevent disease and increase productivity in general. To be sustainable is to know how to respect the existence of humans, plants, and animals in a balance necessary for the world to develop and maintain itself.

Sustainability is summed up in the concept of balance. By avoiding extremities, we can develop our economies with less aggression and more planning, from smaller areas creating higher productivity. A small forest becomes a source of renewable and inexhaustible income; light from the sun becomes a power plant; manure becomes a cooking gas. Nothing is lost when we don’t waste it.

Let us be more sustainable, more balanced, only then will we have a future.