We are the very first cosmetics company started and managed by rural women in the state of Rondônia, in the Amazon region of Brazil.

The history of our company, Saboaria Rondônia, begins with the inspiration from a dream, and the persistence of rural women entrepreneurs in the Rondônia tourism region of Ouro Preto do Oeste.

With just an idea in 2015, we have over the years become a community-based project that serves to empower women, preserve the environment, and develop the local economy.

Amazon region biodiversity is present in every one of our unique products, each of which offer an unforgettable experience in skin care.

But more than skin care, we offer the satisfaction of taking care of nature, which is the foundation of the following core values that define our company:


  • Environmental Awareness
  • Empowerment of Rural Women
  • Increase the economic value of our local Babaçu and Buriti palm trees
  • Strengthen our regional production capacity
  • Make cruelty-free products (we don’t test our products on animals)